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EuroFinance is the reference platform for redemption of credits, which includes the Personal Finance Euro Finance 100% serious and credible between private individual without fee, in Europe, DOM-TOM, and Canada, in 48 hours, accredited as a Credit Institution , an intermediary and the loan service provider for individuals. A specialist in distance selling of cash loan solutions between individuals.

EuroFinance is an ISO 9001 certified organization for all its services. This certification guarantees the quality of your services: responsiveness, confidentiality, financing to measure, monitoring your file. Contact a credit agency is certified ISO 9001, is to have the commitment of a company that puts the interest of their customers first. The form is free and without obligation.

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Flexible credit: the user who wishes the loan has the option to repay early without any extra cost. With EuroFinance, which is one of the main platform for lending and project financing 100% serious and credible between the private no-fee, in Europe, DOM-TOM, and Canada in 48 hours, accredited as a credit institution, an intermediary and the loan service provider for individuals

Credit redemptions ranging from 999 € 999 999 €, Fixed ABR 1.5%, 6 months to 420 months. Fund raising from € 999,000 and € 9,999,999 low price. And still the user counts on the possibility of deferral of payment and payment.

A Availability of funds in 2 Days by bank transfer or check, after signing the agreement, after the acceptance of your loan file. No credit checks or control the use of funds.

It is a loan available in a simple and fast way. No further evidence to be provided. No hidden clause and 100% Guarantee. The simulation and request form is free and without obligation. The entire procedure is ensured and guaranteed by a notary public.

The company provides users with solutions to credible individuals suffered the consequences of high rates of banking services and the economic crisis. Just try it and the customer will most likely be satisfied or reimbursed.

The response made to the requests made is immediate, the institution in turn working in Europe, DOM-TOM, and Canada, 7 days / 7 and 24h / 24

We are the Solution for all your financial needs. More than 100 Million euros of credit granted in the last years.

Personal Finance Euro Finance – Services and Footsteps

Auto / Moto Credit, Personal Finance Euro Finance, Emergency Loan, availability for Credit Redemption, and Consumer Credit are finally available.

The initial step consider that to apply for a credit assessment, buy credits, or a fundraiser from the community of Investors, Creditors for individuals Insurance, Credit Bank, you must first complete the loan application form online. This form is free. And tyem by purpose is intended to assess your credit risk.

Following the instant analysis of your online solvency level, EuroFinance will email you a reply, in principle, in a few minutes, with a personalized simulation of the credit application, a list of personalized questions and the list of documents needed to obtain the credit.

If the proposed simulation is appropriate, you will be asked to confirm your credit request by answering personalized questions and then mailing in the required documentation to activate our technical team to verify your identity and your information , for example, that there is no difference between the declaration and supporting documents or that the supporting documents are valid).

After this step, the portfolio is established and presented to our Community of Creditors, Investors and Financial Partners. It takes at least 24 business days for an acceptance or rejection response. The supporting documents requested based on your situation, and generally include:

A two-sided photocopy of a valid ID document (identity card, residence card, passport or driving license), copy of your last bill of light, not more than 3 months.

You are still prompted for a copy of a landline bill or your last 12 month tax notice. Photocopy of the last proof of income (receipt of payment, all your documents and other supporting documents if you do not have a payment receipt) and still Contractor’s bank details

If your application is accepted, the candidate for Personal Finance Euro Finance will be informed of the fees to be paid and a loan agreement is immediately attracted by our notary public. Then our database is sent for the transfer fee.

After payment of fees your credit file is sent to our bank, which you will contact for the transfer of your credit.

Due to the tariffs and the proposal it is in accordance with the Law, it was introduced following the decisions of the board of directors and on the acceptance of notary’s office, in accordance with the legislation in force under the guarantee mechanism of Decree N 99-776 of September 8, 1999.

According to the same decree issued pursuant to article 52-15 of Law No. 84-46, dated January 24, 1984, amended related to the activity and supervision of credit institutions. This amount is calculated in proportion to the total amount of your credit, the repayment period and your age.

Personal Finance Euro Finance – Add-ons

By Personal Finance Euro Finance for the partnership of the group, present the originals of the proposals with the general or particular conditions: real estate credit, personal credit, as well as the corresponding depreciation tables. If the holder has a revolving loan, insert in his folder his latest account statements and cards.

In case the applicant is employed: three last payment receipts are required, and also your proof of payment for the month of December for any year-end bonus.

In addition the employment contract, or a certificate from your employer, stating your contract of indefinite duration (CDI), as well as your seniority of recruitment.

To simulate the Personal Finance Euro Finance simply access the website and follow the highlighted procedure.

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