Aviva Insurance Auto

Aviva Insurance Auto is an auto insurance opportunity offered by a company that acts strongly in the Canadian market to ensure excellent options and conditions for its clients to be able to take out insurance.

Discounts made possible

With the Aviva, you get exceptional savings, reliable coverage and auto insurance the way you want. In addition, there are even more ways to save on rebates that reward the customer by:

Grouping your home and auto insurance policies with us; Being a beneficiary of social security and retired. When the client is holding more than one vehicle in Aviva and still when the titutar maintains a clean driving experience (no convictions and no complaints).

Aviva Insurance Auto – Types of Coverages

Aviva’s standard auto insurance standard coverage protects the holder and family beneficiaries if the holder has an accident, covering cases of Injury, death or property damage to third parties. And medical care costs and loss of revenue for the Aviva Insurance Auto contractor or your family

Already for those who want coverage even more covers, and has an interest in customizing the contract and the insurance policy, based on benefits and advantages specific to their needs

The availability of these policy complements varies by province. Contact your insurance representative to find out which option is available and which is right to meet the specific needs of each contractor.

Aviva Insurance Auto – Tips

The best insurance for the car owner is one that makes you quieter day by day. Be it with most protections or only those that can affect you more than others.

If the driver or owner of the car is in a high traffic area, population or with a high rate of accidents, your choice will certainly be for a Auto Insurance with protection against crashes.

There are people who still prefer insurance that gives more benefits like assists, which include locksmith, trailer, etc.

Only by making several quotes, is the person interested in hiring and insurance how Aviva Auto Insurance can get the best Auto Insurance. If the candidate delights in insurance right away, try to hold the will to close and search!

Some offer more assists, coverages that include more services or security. Therefore, it is recommended to evaluate after having several plans at hand.

Most car insurance offers packages of services, where they include various protections. However, insurers also have additional packages.

These extras can and should be hired by those who need them. Those who work with the car can pay for an additional one that includes a car in case of repair or while waiting for a new one.

Or if the person interested in insurance is a person who works away from home and picks up state and federal highways frequently, it can increase the mileage of tow truck assistance.

Always evaluate the policy (insurance contract), make sure that everything you are most at risk with the car is covered or needs an increase in protection.

Oh, and do not forget to be aware of everything your Auto Insurance does not cover, before closing the contract, so as not to be in doubt if something happens.

Perhaps because of inexperience, younger drivers tend to make car insurance more expensive because it increases the risk and cost of apolice. Young people aged 18 to 25 pay more, while those over 25 already have the price lowered.

Empower time also counts, but still age is the one that has heavier weight.

Oh, it’s good to remember that if something happens to the vehicle with another person driving, the insurance may not cover the accident. Therefore, include the drivers who use the vehicle. That adds up, but reassures everyone if something happens.

Types of Franchises Aviva Insurance Auto

Basic franchise – used for initial calculation, where each insurer establishes the value; Extended franchise – more expensive than basic franchise, is indicated for people who are more afraid of total loss than partial damages. In this case insurance is cheaper.

Reduced Franchise – The price of insurance is more expensive but in compensation, the deductible is lower. More basic repairs in this mode are also more expensive. Exempt Franchise – Not all insurers make this option available. Usually it has limit of occurrences and the value of the insurance is much more expensive than the one charged in the reduced franchise.

Aviva-Lyft – Aviva Insurance Auto

Aviva is excited to partner with Lyft Canada Inc. by to entering the Canadian market for on the first time by offering an auto insurance solution to all drivers and passengers using the Lyft vehicle sharing services in Ontario.

Aviva provides a insurance for solution for to Lyft drivers who use their personal vehicles to carry paying passengers.

If the interested Aviva Insurance Auto is a Lyft driver, Lyft’s shared insurance covers you as soon as the user and user of the service access the Lyft application to accept passengers and ends when all passengers leave the vehicle.

All drivers should contact their broker / insurance consultant if they wish to participate in a shared ride.

For more information on the terms and conditions, read the document from the Aviva-Lyft commercial insurance policy

The Lyft travel-sharing business insurance policy is underwritten by the Aviva Insurance Company of Canada. Certain conditions, limitations, exclusions and restrictions apply. Coverage under this policy is available only in Ontario.

Physical damage coverage is only available to Lyft drivers with collision covers and comprehensive or all hazards in their personal auto insurance policy.

This partnership was driven by growing customer needs and the increasing popularity of carpool sharing, Aviva has developed a commercial insurance solution for Lyft drivers so that the right coverage is in place for this activity.

The company has partnered with Lyft because Lyft shares many of Aviva’s values, including focusing on customer needs and community unity.

To request a Aviva Insurance Auto simply access the website

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