Car insurance AAMI

The AAMI Car Insurance covers the security of the contract for damages to the car, as well as the vehicles and properties of other people.

Rest assured, we have coverage for damage or loss caused by theft, attempted theft, collision, malicious damage and fire, and natural events such as hail, storm, flood or forest fire

AAMI Car insurance can be used for cases where there is damage to vehicles and property of other people. The holder of an insurance account is also still covered for damages to the vehicle or property of another person up to $ 20 million.

The insurance also has Accessories and Modifications, and AAMI in turn covers all legal modifications and accessories installed in your car, there is usually no need to list them in your policy. Just make sure that the value that covers your car is sufficient to also include the value of all the accessories and modifications insured.

Car insurance AAMI – Road assistance

Get road assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, across Australia, if your car breaks down, gets a discharged battery or a flat tire, gets locked out of your car or loses your car keys, runs out of fuel or needs be towed. It offers callouts on the road for less than $ 86 a year. Terms and conditions apply.

With the optional rental car coverage, enjoy the convenience of a rental car when the car is out of action due to an incident, even if it’s your fault. We will cover reasonable rental costs until your claim is resolved or your car is returned to the owner.

Terms and conditions apply.

Car insurance AAMI – Learn More

It looks complex, but it’s very easy! With AAMI Flexi-Premium, the contractor can choose to increase its excess to lower its premium.

The AAMI candidate can choose the amount for which he wants to cover his car, within a range we provide, so that the holder has control of the coverage he needs. If the holder pays his premium annually, the holder of the AAMI Car insurance will not pay as much as if he were paying in monthly installments.

The AMI Comprehensive Car Insurance proposal covers the user of the insurance for damages to your car and the vehicles and property of other people. For damages to the vehicle or property of another person, we guarantee up to $ 20 million. For damages to your car, we will insure you up to your covered amount.

The user of the service is also guaranteed up to the amount covered if your car is stolen or damaged by Fire, Hail, Storm or Flood.

Enjoy the convenience of a rental car when your car is damaged in a crash-free accident and can not be driven safely. Car rental for failure incidents is available as an optional extra.

It covers up to $ 20 million in damages that the user only causes to the vehicles and property of other people. Coverage for Fire and Theft (up to $ 10,000) is available as an optional extra with car insurance for property damage to third parties.

With third party car insurance, the user will not be insured for damages to his car if it is your fault. The user will not be covered for damages caused by hail, storm or flood.

Car insurance AAMI – Insurance costs

Most insurers use the value of a car as a rating factor, which means that if your car is more expensive, the holder may have to pay a higher premium. That’s because if your car is involved in an accident, your insurer may need to pay considerably more to repair or replace an expensive car.

Even if the car you buy is not very expensive, if it is a model that is particularly difficult to find parts, it will probably have to pay a higher premium to guarantee this. This is the case with imported, single or specialized cars, which means that their parts are difficult to obtain in Australia

Very new cars often come with a higher premium due to its cost and difficulty in finding repair parts, and the same goes for older cars – such as those with hard-to-find parts, or classic models.

Cars with advanced security features, such as reverse cameras or anti-theft systems, may have lower premiums, as your insurer may find that they are less likely to be involved in an incident or more difficult to steal.

It is evident however that these security features have also brought benefits to the holder so that they can be worth while when buying a car irrespective of how they affect your premium.

Car insurance AAMI – Driver

Car insurance may also be affected by who is driving the car. If the person interested in the insurance is under the age of 25 or has his or her license for less than two years, it may be necessary to pay a higher excess if you are in an accident. Your driver history will also be taken into account when the excess is calculated.

The interested party needs to list all the drivers who will regularly drive the vehicle in their insurance application, so take into consideration the details of other drivers and how they can also affect the cost of car insurance.

Where the landlord stores your car (ie your address) as well as the place where the landlord lives, it can also affect how your insurer calculates your premium. Certain suburbs have higher crime rates or accident rates, so this may take into account how much the user pays.

It is not only the cost of your premiums that the interested party should think about but also how much excess the customer may need to pay if the owner of the property is involved in an accident and has to claim. This may be more than your standard excess if the driver is less than 25 years old, inexperienced or not listed in their policy. AAMI offers the option of Flexi-Premium Excess, which allows you to reduce the cost of your premium by paying a higher excess if the user needs to claim.

When considering all these factors, the holder can put themselves in a better position to make the right decision for the interested party and their needs (not to mention their budget). If the holder is ready to get an estimate, the applicant can do it online with AAMI without having to actually own the car yet.

All you need to know is your own details, model vehicle information and make sure the applicant is looking to buy, and where the prospect is planning to park the vehicle every night.

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